Quartz flooring- introduces a broadcast of silica sand aggregate into a high build epoxy system. This particular aggregate system is optimum for heavy duty applications offering a high resistance to chemicals, impact as well as being extremely slip resistant. It can also be sealed with topcoats to create a smooth finish. Quartz flooring is also available in a more decorative option using multi-colored silica sand.

Flake flooring- uses vinyl chips as the broadcast aggregate. Great system for chemical, impact and slip resistance. Colored flakes can offer a variety of looks to your floor from something more commercial to using a reflective flake for something more decorative.

Complete systems are capable of filling holes and cracks creating a highly durable and uniform floor all while extending the overall life of the substrate. Flake and Quartz floors are capable of forming an integral cove around the perimeter of the floor leaving you worry free of water permeation into adjacent areas. Both offer chemical, impact and slip resistance. At the end of the day it comes down to your personal preference of what you like most.

Metallic Epoxy- Is one of the hottest decorative flooring trends. Perfect for a location where the floors are a focal point. By mixing colored metallic fragments into an epoxy once it is applied to a pigmented primer it creates a completely unique floor. Different effects can also be added to metallics through manipulating the material with air or solvents such as acetone making it one of the most customizable applications. With this floor being one of the most decorative also offers slip and wear resistance. So by choosing a metallic application you are not only getting something you will not see anywhere else but also a strong and safe floor that does not require any waxing.