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There is a lot going on and we know that their is little time to keep up with all of it. Let us be your concierge into your flooring  project. Farrell Flooring located in Bergen County can help answer any questions or concerns you may have about your next flooring project.

What’s New

Epoxy coatings provide easily cleaned and seamless protection for your floor. From using an epoxy application in your garage preventing oil, gasoline or other corrosives from leaking into a concrete slab to using them in your basement where sometimes mans best friend or your best friend makes a mess. Other flooring installations such as tile leaves your floor vulnerable to having harsh chemicals and bacteria grow within those grout lines… Who wants to try and clean that routinely? Getting on your hands and knees scrubbing with even harsher chemicals to remove existing corrosives seems a little counteractive to me. Or what about carpeting always worrying about staining and vacuuming just hoping that you did a good job and its as clean as possible to where its safe enough for your kids to play. With Seamless flooring you can be sure that those spills and stains stay on the surface, that they don’t leach into your sub-floor are easily and visibly wiped away as well as that everything will continue to be the same durable, attractive, clean floor as it was the day it was installed.